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Friday, August 3, 2012

Creativity and Realism

Food for thought by Alehna

Tal all you sly pantherites out there! Today’s thoughts are of an odd sort (at least odd for me XD). No, there will be no ranting and raving like the lunatic I normally am. Today, I wanted to discuss one of the many grey areas in rping as a panther, creativity versus realism.
As always, I will only write about my own experiences and to what we as a group and a sim agree to. (IE..Expectations, sim rules).
I would think the first question to ask yourself is, What is a Panther? Is it an Amazonian like woman only placed in the Northern Forests of Gor instead? Or is she a woman that only waits for someone strong enough to capture her, the feminine prize in the Gorean version of Capture the Flag. For me, she is neither. She is a woman that denies the nature of Gor in how the men were meant to dominate to the very notion that women were nothing but slaves to this domination without question or choice. She is no superwoman nor is she a slut in furs.
Knowing the basics of what a panther is will help guide you into what would be believable and realistic in roleplay. Every one of us can be creative in what our character’s personalities/experiences are due to back stories. We can be creative in how we do things, why we do things or even the chances we would take (within your roles limits of course). Let that creativity flow but know your role before making a fool of yourself and your tribe.

Use this base knowledge of what role you are and blossom from that in your creativity. A cat would never be a horse, yet they are both still beasts and could very realistically do some of the same things. Same with a panther, you deny what you are and the dominance of men, yet a panther will still believe that some women by nature are meant to be dominated..both freewomen and slaves. 
The biggest suggestion I have to anyone looking to rping anything is research the role; whether that means, reading books, asking questions or learning from watching those that have experience. In the very end, it is going to come down to your group’s expectations of your rp and how you wish to play.

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