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Monday, August 6, 2012

Panthers without honor?

   By Storm Galtier

   A few nights ago, a panther told me "we're outlaws, we have no honor!". Of course this floored me. Ok, I haven't read all the books, but the ones I did read make me wonder at this belief. Outlaws without honor? Really?
    Let me start out by saying, bull. There is the example of the exchange points, where neither male nor female outlaws attack each other, both sides understanding this would ruin the purpose of a safe place to exchange wares and slaves. No one seems to remember this in SL, tho.
    Now specifically to panthers. Yes, we're outlaws, and we're not very nice to those outside our bands. But no honor among our own band? Definite bull. Consider Rissia, of Verna's band, the only one of the tribe to not drink the drugged wine, and not pass out. Did she run? Did she leave her unconscious sisters to the mercy of the forest and whoever drugged them? No, she stayed, and even attempted to fight off Tarl's men alone. That she had no hope of winning didn't cross her mind, only protecting her sisters. Does this sound like an outlaw with no honor? Who's more concerned with her own safety than that of her sisters?
    These are both examples from Hunters of Gor. So, I ask you, are outlaws truly without honor? I don't think so.

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