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A Special Thank You To Phoenyx Trevellion and DikBrah Trilling of Panther Ridge for keeping us alive and well over the past 6 years. Without you and your kindness our band would not be whole.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catch of the Day

Random Thoughts..
By Alehna

**Disclaimer: The ideas and thoughts in this blog are purely the notions and opinions of the writer and by no means reflect the group's stance**

As I stand keeping watch over the lands I call home, I've noticed that many of the wanderers that come near are indeed self proclaimed slaves. Each time, like a good, responsible rper, I open up their profile to check their OOC limits and am often surprised at what I read. Now while I find it completely not out of the norm to see a slave that has been lost from a boat wreck, fallen overboard..etc..or one that has run-away from a cruel owner, many times it is just out of sheer boredom these slaves find their way here. Keeping a slave focused and busy in rp is a whole other thought that I will not speak of…but it is beyond my comprehension how a restricted white silk slave of an ubar finds themselves at a panther camp. Let me ask this, how does a restricted slave wander so far from a city without a free noticing? Or why in world would an owner be so dumb as to restrict a slave and then send them off to their peril outside their city on an 'errand' let alone send one off without restrictions to all places...a panther camp? Is a panther camp really a city that everyone on Gor would know the whereabouts of? And if your slave is so precious to you, that you restricted them, how is it that they end up at our gate? So they are precious enough to say hey..you can't fur anyone but sure you can put yourself in a situation where you will undoubtedly be taken from me. This notion is mind boggling to me, but in the end we are flexible. So…as panther, we do what we do best; we take them and sell them to someone else. We owe this slave nothing nor do we owe the owner a passing thought. Cue the OOC drama of “why did you do that to my slave” or the “my owner has restricted me, I can't be sold..blah blah blah.” Let me be quite clear, if a slave comes to a panther camp on their own or meets a panther deep in the forest, a panther will not care what restrictions or rules are placed on the slaves. We will sell them to anyone we see fit, do whatever it is we wish to the slave within their OOC limits and any of a master’s IC restrictions and rules will be ignored. If I sell the slave to a man that wants to use her for his pleasure, that is the price they pay for being a slave. That also goes for beating or killing a slave because, well, we feel like doing it. We owe you, the owner nothing, for a slave we catch. Not even to compensate you should the slave be harmed or sold. We live by capture rights and, honestly, the slave no longer belongs to you in our eyes. Welcome to Gor. We shouldn't have to nor will we break our character to meet your standards of what our role play should and will be or babysit your slave because they are bored. Just a fair warning...

*This is a paid opinion by the Keep Gor Clean of Stupidity Counsel.*

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