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Monday, August 20, 2012

The real point of roleplay limits

     Something I've noticed in SL Gor that I find very odd. There's a lot of people who take the viewpoint that roleplay limits interfere with rp. I suppose in some cases they do, as some are quite clearly designed to minimize, if not flat out avoid, any disadvantage someone might end up with should they find themselves captive.
     There's the truly ridiculous, such as no collars, no branding. These make me wonder if the person even knows what the basis of the roleplay is. It's supposed to be based on the Chronicles of Gor...and things like that happened in those books, to men and women. Might as well put "no rp with me if I'm the loser".
     Some, however, have a very valid point. "No rape", or "fade to black on rape", for instance. For some, due to real life events, or fears, this might very well be a highly traumatic event. Please, spare me the "it's just a game" nonsense. If there were no emotional attachment, then why would someone get annoyed because the other party won't rp what they want them to? Hypocrisy is funny like that. The fact is, no matter how strongly denied, people get emotionally involved with what their character is doing. It's part of your personality, after all, that's powering it.
     Then there's the flip side. The "limits are for wimps" types. Steadfastly refusing to use limits, because they feel they interfere with roleplay. But then, when something happens, and these "rp tough guys" pitch a fit because they don't like it...was that really worth the lack of a simple limit? Or even simply saying "no"? Something to think about, as you contemplate what to put on your limits page.

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