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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old School, BTB, GE, and Disney Gor

     By far, I prefer (if I must assume a label) to be considered Old School. I do not want to exclude rp possibilities with someone simply because they are either BTB (by the book), or GE (Gor Evolved). Most rp, from either style, can be pretty in depth and interesting, which are features I enjoy in my roleplay.
     As with all things, there's good and bad. BTB goes bad when they forget to actually understand the books they claim to be going by, eliminating pieces that don't fit with their self-image of the bad-ass Gorean man. I suppose that's not too bad, they tend to at least be close.
     GE, however, when it goes bad, goes horribly bad. Too many people interpret "Gor Evolved" as another way of saying "screw it, I don't care what the rp should be based on, I'm going to do what I want to". This is where GE crosses the line in to the fairytale land of Disney. Where anything goes, Gorean or not, you can be Xena the warrior princess if you wish, deftly beating the asses of every male you come across...with a sword even. You can paint your captives, curl their hair, dress them up in pink tu-tus. You can dress like grunge skaters with cigarettes hanging from your lips. Whatever.
     Some people consider this nonsense fun. Good for them. I...don't. I enter in to roleplay situations under the impression I am roleplaying with fellow, mature, adults. It may not seem like fun to onlookers, but I enjoy playing a role seriously. I'm not trying to live out a first-person shooter game.
I'm not trying to perpetuate the bad reputation slapped on some Gorean roles by people who figure they're going to "be creative" and completely toss the basis for the rp out the window.
     I do not find "bratty" slaves entertaining. I do not find amazon she-bitches calling themselves panthers impressive. Men who are clearly under the thumb of their slave and/or FC make me laugh when they try to tell me they're in charge. Pew pew? Oh hell no.
     If Disney Gor is fun for you, by all means, knock yourself out. I'm going to stick to my own guns, and will rp BTB or GE. You can keep your Disney to yourself, tho. Thanks.

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