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Monday, October 29, 2012

IC <~~~~>OOC

People who can't (or won't) separate IC from OOC are a frequent source of both amusement, and drama.
Ok, I will freely admit sometimes I reacte realtime to what is going on with my avatar. It is my humble opinion that anyone claiming they keep both separate 100% are either lying, or have some mental issues. It's normal to have some degree of reaction.
Where the line is crossed occurs in one of two ways. There's those who's emotional attachment to their avatar is so strong that they will become OOCly/rl offended as if whatever transgression was done to them personally in rl.
Then there's those who claim "This is who I am!", as apparently it's an excuse to treat people however they see fit, especially those in the slave role. They claim to be rl dominants/masters, and that this justifies being an asshole. I don't get the connection, honestly. Being a rl dominant has nothing to do with a lack of common courtesy and respect for someone else outside their role.
And, hate to break it you, but if you have to tell people what you are, odds are you're not even close. True dominants don't need to announce it, and are secure enough in their domninance that they do not need to flaunt it over others. They are capable of respecting the difference between someone's ROLE, and how they might be in real life. And if they are assholes, it's just because they're assholes.

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