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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BTB, or "BTB"

     This is a bit of a phenomenon I've noticed, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this observation. Sims that call themselves BTB, yet when going there and seeing them in action, it leaves me wondering which book, or if it was even part of the Gor series.
     Some of the obvious giveaways being the men think just being men means they are invincible, and that women cannot under any circumstances "talk back". And don't even think about beating them in a fight. The FWs seem baffled by "women with weapons", or that resist the collar. Well, even Tarl Cabot was taken captive, and enslaved. His Scarlet status didn't exempt him. And the women with weapons? Those are called panther girls, or talunas. In some rare cases, they were even FWs, like Tarna, or others who hunted animals. They existed, by the books. And no, not every panther taken captive instantly submits, no matter how awesome the man is in his own mind.
     Trades, while they normally occured at specific exchange points in the books, were usually honored, even by outlaws, and even if being conducted with panthers. This was by the books. SL's variant is most cities/villages/etc have "trade points", yet the supposed BTB locations don't honor it, particularly when dealing with panthers. Ok, admittedly some GE sims seem to treat their trade points as more like a way to get people in a group so they can shoot at them. But, while Gor was male-dominated, Mr. Man still held honor above all else.
     I've seen places that have "pet", or "friendly" larls. By the books, a larl cannot be tamed, even if taken as a kitten. It will always eventually turn on its owner, and return to the place of its birth. If they are kept anywhere, it is on chains, and with extreme caution. Larls are also, by the way, huge animals, standing 7 feet at the shoulder, so their kittens are not likely to be mere ankle biters in size.
     Magic...wasn't real, BTB. The magicians were illusionists, just like rl magicians. There was no such thing as real magic on Gor, nor magic potions, etc, etc. What looked like magic, ie. the blue flame, was Priest King technology, and not something they shared.
     All this is to come to one point...if you're going to say you're BTB, be BTB. Otherwise, you're just as GE as the GE people you look down your nose at. Maybe more so.

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