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A Special Thanks!

A Special Thank You To Phoenyx Trevellion and DikBrah Trilling of Panther Ridge for keeping us alive and well over the past 6 years. Without you and your kindness our band would not be whole.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

An end, and a beginning

Well, I stand corrected, and I'm glad of that. Panther Ridge has run its course, closing after 6 years of operation under various owners, and we of the Pa Ri Tor are grateful to every one of them.
I had once believed if Panther Ridge closed, Pa Ri Tor would cease to be. I'm happy to be wrong on that. We survive, because, as we found out, there's a few people out there who held to our views, and did not want to see such an old tribe die out, so they offered us space. PRT now lives on in Dae'va Draught.
We live on, and we will continue to show by example that the panther girl role can be rich, and creative, and so worth the effort.

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