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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gorean Welcome Wagon? I don't think so...

As much as I hate book thumping, this is something of a sticking point for me. Goreans do not trust strangers. They even use the same word for "stranger" as they do for "enemy".
So why do people come in to the forest, around panther camps (who are also classified as outlaws), and expect a Welcome Wagon? If the roleplay is serious, these panthers will of worked hard to gain the supplies they have, and will not be willing to simply give them away. They most certainly are not going to be willing to allow a stranger, especially a male, in to their camp to rest.
Panther girls, by nature, do not trust outsiders. They're trying not to end up in a collar, so they're not going to assume anyone they come across in the forest is just another forest friend they can sit down to tea with.
Yes, I do roleplay my character as inhospitable, sometimes rude, always cautious. Why? Because I am roleplaying a character that is seen by Gorean society as an outlaw, as in "outside the law". Anyone not part of my band is an outsider, and potential threat to my band's safety. 
The key point in all that is...it is a role I PLAY. Nothing personal is meant by the behavior. It's just me, roleplaying as realistically as I can. I don't mind people roleplaying taking offense, as long as that offense is only in character (IC).

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