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Sunday, September 9, 2012

When to develop ESP...

The following is an example of dealing with the ever popular (and lame) emoted insult. We've all heard them, and reacte differently. Personally, I'm kind of a fan of ESP...

Submitted by Altonia Aeon:

"Please read the small scrap of RP with my comments clearly marked

[06:14]  Altonia Aeon shrugs as she mumbles "Couldnt care less about the Kurii wars", then takes her dagger from the woman's neck and places it on her left ear as she says "A common thief and a liar.... know what they do to thieves in the cities sis?"
[06:15]  Rain (rain.tylman): dont they mark them with some kind of brand
[06:15]  Rain (rain.tylman): on their face
[06:15]  Rain (rain.tylman): motions to my cheek
[06:15]  AAA remained silent .. she had been told to be quiet and she would do as she was told. It seemed ironic to her that these panthers were practicing the ways of free but her face was expressionless

^^^ Comment: This is a passive-aggressive emote - there is nothing you can react to apart from her silence, unless of course you can read her mind. Funnily enough you can at that point in RP develope that ability.

[06:18]  Altonia Aeon stares the woman straight into her face and says "You find it amusing that we to some degree do as they do in the cities? It should be clear.... some of us have lived in cities, free or slaves.... at least we make no bosk-beef about where we came from, here we band together for survival.... you seem to think just about yourself"

^^^ Comment: I make it 100% clear here that I read her mind, further, I make it clear that such emotes of hers will not be accepted.

[06:19]  Rain (rain.tylman): looks to Elle and just blurts out....Yeah What She Said!
[06:19]  Rain (rain.tylman): nods and lets out a loud Hmmmph as I sling the bow over my shoulder and cross my arms
[06:20]  AAA was concerned they could read her mind so she did not think of anything this time

^^^ Comment: Here AAA gave up, clearly, trying to RP - as a reward for this emote she got sailed out of the sim.

[06:28]  Altonia Aeon hands the leash to the captain of the boat and says "Not paying anything, not sailing, she really is a gem of a new beast and she is all yours.... payment for the times I didn't quite pay you enough", then watches as the captain drags his new beast on the boat and making the final preparations for the journey, simply watches from the docks until the boat begins to drift from shore and the rowers begin to row, gaining speed as the boat sails for parts unknown

The point of this all is this: If a passive-aggressive emote is all you seem to get, you develop the ability to read minds. Plain and simple. And Panther Ridge mods will actually stand by you if you must resort to this.

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